Monday, November 15, 2004

Sometimes it seems that the world is spiralling down to darker depths.All figures who seemed to stand for moderation and reason are abandoning us. Colin Powell resigned today, and while I don't agree with his recent track record, in my view, he was one of the best things that the Bush administration had going for it.Bush is going to reappoint that bible thumping Hager back as the head of the committee for reproductive issues/products for the FDA. I looked up some information on the web on the man advocating that his view was a moderate one, and I found a page that was suspiciously masquerading as a fact-checker type page.This is a dangerous time we live in. We were at a place where the internet was a life-saving and effective tool for research and information. Now, it seems like the internet is pregnant with groups from either side who want to inseminate countless many with their views. How can we trust what we read or see? Not too long ago, I could run a search on Google on any topic or product and almost confidently rely on my ability to discern what was hog-wash and what was not. I find this all very unsettling.... the conspiracy pirate in me is leaning to the theory that this confusion is all part of the greater plan launched by the 'mythical' MAN and his conservative extremist minions... it's an old war strategy you see, engender confusion in your enemy before attack.


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