Sunday, November 28, 2004

Sometimes it's easier just to sit quietly and do nothing... and hope and wait for the bad times to pass. I'll admit that I've found some solace in going to view over the past two weeks. I did even post a photo, and I have way too many issues that I have been writing concerned letters to my Senator and Congressman about (who already support the views of the rational American). I'm sure that they are tired of hearing from me. Still, it seriously frightens me to see the havoc that's being wrought upon the world of education and science. Intelligent Design? !

This is the new catch phrase to replace the teaching of Creationism in the schools. Yes, you guessed it the Fundamentalists of the 90's have evolved into a meaner, smarter type of Neo Con Fundamentalists who can place stickers in science textbooks faster than you can sing Onward Christian Soldier.

A graph featured on the Christian Science Monitor claims that 48 percent of Americans believe in Creationism (not to be confused with Cretonism). Again, I believe that this is part of their strategy to convince the rest of the country that there are a mass of tireless minions. Well, sadly, I must say, I've been to the outskirts of town and I have seen that they are massive perhaps but not masses. Their size of course comes from the fact that they are particpating in the last and more acceptable vice of gluttony.

Meanwhile, Switzerland votes in favor of Stem cell research. Why would the Swiss make a decision to push scientific endeavors forward in an area of research so ready for prograss while at least 1/2 of the population in the United States would deter it from happening? Or at least they have contributed to prvention of scientific progress by voting for a leader who does not support scientific progress? What happened to America, the land of progress in science and education? You might say our failure to make education a bigger priority has contributed to the decline of the American Mind... that and a buttload of video games.


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