Saturday, November 06, 2004

We’ve been reading and hearing a great deal of dissent from the side who lost the election. One of the more popular e-mail attachments is a map of the dividing the North American continent into the United States of Canada (Canada plus all states in which the electoral votes went to Kerry) and Jesusland (the rest of the country where Bush was the clear winner). Though these other states encompass a lot of geographical territory or otherwise, space, they do not possess the major centers of trade, science, and cultural development that exist in the blue (Democratic) states.

More, the areas of this country that possess the metropolitan centers, the centers for trade and commerce, and the major port towns tend to attract more progressive people because they have connections to outside of the country. They possess large populations of immigrants which have traditionally brought new ideas and cultural values which have made this country the success it is today (I can only illustrate by pointing out the flourishing of science and arts in this country that coincided after the immigration of millions from Asia, Europe and other continents). Having exposure to many cultures makes you far more open to innovation and change; hence progress. Truly great cultures and civilizations have had contact and incorporated values and ideas from other groups outside of their own. History provides us with some of the more obvious examples of these great states: Rome, the Ottoman Empire, and the United States.

I can just hear conservative talk radio now accusing the other side/ the evil liberals as all of us are lumped into one side (it’s easier for a hulking idiot to attack an enemy when they’ve identified just ONE) of treason. The fact is, a large sector of the population did not fall prey to he masked yet hidden agenda of the extremist right. This side does not support it at all because they’ve identified that agenda as backward and isolationist. They also cannot handle the exclusionary nature and one-track mindedness of the current President’s actions. While part of the country may insist that this one-track minded resolve of GW Bush is what will propell our country back into greatness, his values certainly do not match those of the Founding Fathers of this nation who clearly saw that freedom of beliefs in which many views and creeds would benefit the new nation rather than hinder it. They saw this because, although the America of the time was diverse in the sense that there were people of various faiths and from different European cultures.

The Republicans' so called victory this years was a victory not for pluralism and progress, but a win for one restrictive ideology: the extremist Christian Right.


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