Tuesday, November 09, 2004

When people read or hear about the possibility of ocean level rising... they automatically wonder whether their house is elevated enough... it sounds like a simpleton's way of thinking about things, but it's more common than you think.

I just noted a feature on Google News about Rush Limbaugh... and how he was ranting that they left doesn't have any moral issues. Hmmm... if adopting moral issues means following a point of view that opposes independent and innovative thought .... or encourages us to make judgements Limbaugh is for the most part no more that a big gaseous whale who blows the most foetid stank out of his mouth. I tried reading the text on his web site and the man clearly does not have the ability to put any coherent thought into writing. I suppose it is hard to write in all caps all the time.

They other day a friend of mine noted while we were driving in the car... that you don't see many fat men who live past 80.


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