Friday, December 24, 2004

Mother of all fudges

Now I understand why I haven't made candy for Christmas. What a pain in the ass, because to make the best candy you really have to take the time and use the best ingredients.

Our Christmas Candy Baskets for friends and family this year will include.

Sugar Plums
Lemon Drops
Rocky Road
Pistachio candy
Cashew Brittle
and the Mother of all Fudges.

J discovered that he forgot to put the condensed milk into the sugar and liquid mixture that was to boil on the stove. Instead he mixed it into the Marshmallow fluff and chocolate chips. The secret to this fudge is to use extra good belgian chocolate, high quality German chocolate and a good measure of dutch processed cocoa. We added a 3/4 a cup of hot whole milk to the hot sugar mixture in lieu of the condensed milk. The result was a exceptionally creamy fudge that tasted more like chocolate icecream.


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