Friday, December 10, 2004

O Canada

You know what I love about Canada? The candy bars. Only in Canada can you readily by Crunch or Aero bars... you might even be able to find a Velvet Crumble or Flake.

But here in America the land of the Free and M&M Mars, you're pretty much stuck with waxy chocolate forever being associated with too many peanuts or too much peanut butter and maybe some 4th rate caramel if you're lucky. God. I hate American candies (aside from those made in homemade kitchens). Though Pralines do rule when made with New England Maple Syrup. I'll have to dig up that recipe. I made them one year and they were quite a hit. I'm sure some Southern grandma is rolling in her grave.

Though we should pay an homage to Canada because they do provide us with much of the natural resources we need for energy. The timber we use to build our homes. That and they have a consistent history of importing fairly decent comedians. I guess you have to develop a good nature and sense of humor when you live next to us.

Addendum...12/12. I just went shopping at Cost-plus warehouse yesterday and apparently they do have all of the candy bars I've mentioned above.


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