Friday, December 03, 2004

Philosophy Talk - Shot 2

My discussion group decided to meet again, despited the fact that I had a little too much wine last time we met and the conversation wandered again to issues about race and sex. I posted this topic on souls below because at lunch the other day the discussion surrounded how we all felt that we'd prostituted ourselves to the MAN at our jobs. One friend said, "You know maybe not having a soul is that bad... when nothing bothers you, you just seem to be able to get by better."

I took the 60's Star Trek William Shatner monologue & bit up, asserting that you need to experience the bad with the good to be alive... be human and proud of it...faults and all. However, this doesn't mean that I'm willing to say that my work offers me a good balance between bad and good. I'd say 30% of the time I feel happy about what I do and get satisfaction from it. I don't think that that's enough. This is up about 20% from my old job, mainly because I enjoy working with some of the people I'm in contact with and I'm trusted with more and don't have someone hovering over my shoulder. Plus people seem to be pretty darn happy with the work I do, and I feel that I can take some pride in it. However, I don't like the excessive expectations about workload... that and corporate life doesn't leave a lot of room for creative thought.

Call me a spoiled baby. Who cares. I'm happy with who I am, and they can take their 7 Habits For Extremely Fucked Up People and shove it where the sun doesn't shine.

I suggest that we have someone leading the discussion.

Emerson Essay “Over-Soul”:

Cliff Notes: “Over-Soul”:,pageNum-21.html

About Emerson:

Ideas for discussion (warning some of these may be touchy) – please add any others you can think of. We don’t have to discuss all of these, but they are here for suggestions:

  1. What the heck is Transcendalism?
  2. What is the historical context for the Transcendalist movement in America during Emerson’s time? Why should we care now? How does this compare to some of the movements in understanding existence or defining our own personal religious beliefs?
  3. How does Emerson justify the need for existence of the soul? Why the hell do we have this nagging need to feel connected to things?
  4. How do we (personally) define what a soul is? (No right answer of course)
  5. Why do you think people need to feel or believe that human beings have souls?
  6. Where does the idea of souls fit into perscriptions for morality or living?
  7. Do you think that technology and corporate living has wiped out the idea of the soul? Should it?

I was driving down the street yesterday and I saw a bumper sticker that read “My Karma Ran Over my Dogma?” Best thing I’ve seen in long time on the back of a car.


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