Sunday, December 12, 2004

Reply to Mak

Right now the time is ripe for restructuring here in the US (where I work)... and of course what they will do most-likely is redeploy (which is a nice way of saying LAY OFF) many skilled and experienced employees... and rebuild processes starting from ground zero using inexperienced and therefore CHEAP new hires. Never mind that it takes a costly amount of time and resources to train new employees all over again. And the executive powers that be will fuel their employees endeavors with that "We can do it all!" mentality. Of course they believe they can do it all, being fresh and new they don’t know exactly what they’re supposed to do.

Somehow, and maybe I've just become a jaded old job whore, but somehow I just can't trust the designs of upper-management. Once, in my fledgling days her at this company, I just accepted their dictates and strategies as law. I thought well, maybe they have a plan for all of us. Little did I realize that for the most part the plan would not operate in all our best interests.

Maybe that’s when it’s time to get rid of your employees… when they’ve finally figured out how their being jerked and juiced. It’s at this point that you must either convert them to the dark-side of upper management or vanquish them into the void. What was all that propoganda for I heard five years ago about investing employees futures because it was good for the future of the company? Reassurance so that you’d stay.


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