Friday, December 31, 2004

Simple knit hat circa 1920's with boucle scarf

I've been called a compulsive knitter. Sitting and watching TV without the prospect of getting something else done at the same time seems like a terrible waste to me. There are those knitters who are problem solvers. These people can knit stitch patterns on the fly, and don't mind doing the math when it comes to adjusting sweatern or design patterns and applying different stitches. There are those who are purely texture knitters who enjoy working with strange and wonderous fibers from strands with eyelash with bits of tinsle to cello-like ribbon. Then there are the folks who love working with color using intarsia stitching (I personally can't handle working with more than three colors, because I usually end up in a tangled jumble). I'm a texture person myself, but I've been venturing out into adapting patterns to my own taste lately. I was able to knit Christmas stockings for everyone in the family, but lately, I've been enjoying knitting scarves and hats. I knit the hat below for my mother and included a fluffly & bright red boucle yarn scarf with a slip through hole for fitting securely around the neck. I guess knitting is truly the rage, but I've been compulsively doing this for years. I've even successfully knitted mittens.

For those who cannot wait for an entire sweater. Scarves, hats (like the one below), dog sweaters (for a relatively small dog), are actually small enough projects that can be completed in a week-end maybe for quicker knit-wits even in a few hours.

1920's HAT:
  • Washable wool (Gauge: 18 stitches/4 inches) for a small to medium hat you will need at least 120 yards. Black and dark red are beautiful colors.
  • Set of 5 double pointed needles size 8 US
  • Large needle for finishing
K- Knit
P - Purl
Inc - Increase

On double-pointed needs cast on 3 stitches on four of the needles.
Row 1: Knit round
Row 2: Knit increase on each needle 3 stitches - end with total of 6 on each needle
Row 3: Knit round
Row 4: Needle 1 -Purl 1 Inc 1 (knitside), P1, K1, P1, Inc (knitside), P1, K1, P1, Inc (knitside). Repeat this for the other three neededs. End with total of 9 stitches on each needle.
Row 5: Knit round
Row 6: Needle 1- P1, Inc (knitside), P1, K1 to that last stitch Inc (purlside), Repeat his for the other three needles - End with 11 stitches a needle
Row 7: Knit round
Row 8: Begin with K1 this time, Inc (purlside)... knit the same as row 6 increasing on both ends of each needle. You should end with 13 stitches on each needle.
Row 9: Knit round
Row 10: Begin with P1 this time, Inc (knitside), P1, K1 until the end of the needle. Repeat with remaining needles you should have 14 stitches on each needle.
Row 11: Knit round
Repeat rows 10 & 11 making sure to alternate starting with P1 and K1 at the beginning of each even row. Make sure to increase on the beginning end of each needle. After completing each even row you should have 4 additional stiches repeat rows 8 & 9 until you have 21 stitches on each needle. The number of stitches will depend on how fat the head that hat goes on is.
Last row: Cast off knitting and purling alternately as before.

My favorite yarn sites (discounts, baby!):

Free Pattern site I dig. There are not too many grandma patterns here!


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