Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The way I watch cartoons

has changed... I think I'm a grown up now. I've been trying to get through this latest project at work and I've learned how to use the whole dual monitor thing to multitask so I can watch cartoons (sort of) while I'm working.

I watched the entire Cowboy Bebop series from beginning to end this way. I've been thinking. I would have been more upset by the ending of the series when I was younger, because I couldn't really understand or value the lesson of "endings." When we're young, we're stupid in the sense that we assume that things go on forever and ever, and maybe that's because we're young and have not really experienced terminality. Is that a word?

It seems to me that this incessant need for sequels is really a childish or even adolescent tendency. I want it to go on forever and ever and ever and EVER. Get over it... all things end... everyone DIES! Move on, go on living.

Did you hear about the soldier who had his finger removed to save his wedding ring? You can laugh about it all you want, but there's just two things about this story that tell it all... a) he's only nineteen years old b) they lost the damn ring anyway. I'm sure he'd think twice about it he'd been wearing it on his cock. God, I'm so embarrassed I said the "C" word.


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