Thursday, December 16, 2004

We cannot provide each man with the blueprint for his acts, we can only suggest them in general terms.

The White Rose

How does one act like a true dissident in this age? Apparently, according to some people in this country it's become unfashionable to disagree with the government. Though I believe that style culture is dividing down the middle along the line between red and blue./ urban and country.

I, like many other Americans, live in fear of what may come as a result of the actions of current leadership in this country. I write to my representatives. I give money and time to certain groups, as much as I can afford to give. However, I feel like I should do more. We live in an age of complacency... We live in a world where many of us get by on the hope that nothing catastrophic will happen. We do not act. We just hope that nothing will happen.

A friend of mine and I were downtown last weekend and we saw a line of a few dozen protestors marching down the streets. I sighed, "You know I agree with them for the most part, but I do not want to hang out with any of those people." She only laughed. Most of these people are part of the green movement. I cannot relate to them. I drove through a peace rally downtown one day and witnessed someone from the street slamming their palms against an SUV and screaming "This is why we're at war!" That really pissed me off because, it seemed to me that they were just being plain stupid and belligerent. He could have just as well ran up to the car and screamed, "Nigger-Jew-Fat-Cracker Bastard!!" There were so many signs for so many causes. Meat is Murder... etc. etc.

Today, I nearly got the urge to go out into the square downtown and sit with a sign. Is that crazy? I don't want to talk. I don't want to yell. I'm getting to the point that I do want to be heard though. Is that crazy? Hell, to be frank, I'm starting not to care what people think.


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