Thursday, January 27, 2005

88 million in taxpayers money for propaganda

I guess all you have to do to make it better is to say, "I'm sorry" or worse... not even admit your guilt and say, "I disapprove."

This is your money!

I would like to amend the previous list of neocon tactics:

#4. For politicians threatened by scandal - If something is obviously wrong and there's no denying it, assure the press or your audience, "That this will be looked into immediately." Torture and unspeakable behavior? I'll have my people look into that (Eventually, if you've played your political cards right, you've appointed someone who's incapable of questioning or outsmarting you, or at least your political dream team).

Add... if your office has been caught committing a transgression. Never admit your guilt personally. Denounce the act as reprehensible and stop doing whatever it was that got you into trouble in the first place.

Tactic to play against this move?
Point out the transgression. From the start repeatedly assert the perpetrators actual involvement in the crime/transgression. Draw a clear line between him and the bad. Repeat over and over again.


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