Tuesday, January 18, 2005

How to Not to Speak to a Neocon Nitwit

Right now as I write this I have that ending line from the The Usual Suspects in my head: "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince us that he didn't exist..." To paraphrase this to apply to neo-conservatives: "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince you that you have no argument " One of the right's major tactics is to decry the oppositions assertions against it as trifling suspicions or lacking of any basis in reality. The other not so subtle tactic is to yell at you repeatedly (sometimes using obscenities) so you appear overwhelmed and overpowered as well as being distracted. Despite the insistence that those who counter their point of view are irrational, they still base many of their assertions in support of Bush on statements taken on faith. Today, your average Bush Blogger insists that there are WMDs on day then then next assert that the president's hunches about attacking Iraq were right on the money without batting an eyelash.

There's some strange about how the Necon stance has 'evolved' within the fabric of American social culture and politics. We all want to compare them with the Nazi's but they are far more clever, sophisticated, flexible and extremely good at adapting the social climate. I'd say that this applies only to the Neocon elite. They know how to make themselves look presentable even progressive and they know that enough spin put gets your point across to the moderately difficult to convince and the mentally malleable who make up most of the overall voting population.

The problem with politics is that it's a game where only one side wins. There are no real compromises. So the Neocons have effectively taken the rules of the game and played them extremely well. Here are some of their more obvious tactics. The first step in understanding how to deal with your opponent is to study their behavior:

1. To take down your enemy one scale of armor at a time....Find your opponent's strongest point and chip it away, with repeated and constant efforts. Kerry went to war and was decorated, Bush did not. Yet they effectively released enough bad press and advertising that pushed the right buttons. Have to admit that this was a brilliantly executed strategy.
2. To be persuasive and get your point across! Say the same thing over and over again. Again, if you tell a lie enough times people will start to believe it. wmd, wmd, wmd, wmd.... WMD!
3. Maintaining your already established popularity base: Release a lot of gibberish, but repeat catch phrases over and over again within the text of your speech (Check out written commentary on Limbaugh's site. If you read him logically, the man makes absolutely no sense, and it's obvious that he needs a basic lesson in English Composition- that or the perscription drugs have effectively reduced his ability to put together a decent argument).
4. For politicians threatened by scandal - If something is obviously wrong and there's no denying it, assure the press or your audience, "That this will be looked into immediately." Torture and unspeakable behavior? I'll have my people look into that (Eventually, if you've played your political cards right, you've appointed someone who's incapable of questioning or outsmarting you, or at least your political dream team).
5. Take everything you disagree with and associate it with all that is unholy- Here's an entertaining article on Sean Hannity's book that illustrates this point.

Please note that these tactics can be applied universally, regardless of your political coloring. However, one thing the Reps don't seem to do as well as the Dem which is evade the problem or issues when they come up until you cannot deny it any longer (Monica Lewinsky). They are continually trying to deal with things proactively with their spin.


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