Monday, January 31, 2005

This doesn't surprise me. Though it truly does sadden me. Don't they know that the government already has a partnership with the major media companies that offer us the news in this country? Are they just under the illusion that there are many small independent news sources who do not answer to a major corporations who give sizable contributions to political candidates.

We really don't do as much as we can to educate the general population on how the government works. I barely remember the Gov class as the teacher we had was not the most experienced or enthralling person. I've heard countless friends complain that it's usually the football coach who teaches the Government class. Though actually, current events would make a government class an interesting place to discuss issues. Though some parents might get upset and argue that it's their place and their place alone to tell their 14-18 year olds how to think and feel about the government. Maybe that's why they make these classes so boring, so we don't feel like questioning what's going on.

I've always felt that Government should be taught in conjunction with US History, so that you can see how the system evolved and actually compare how it works (or doesn't) today with how it worked in the past. Taxation without representation? What was that all about?

On a side note: yesterday J made biscotti as a cheap treat for us to eat with our tea. This is one of the best recipes I've tried, if you love anise flavoring, you'll find this absolutely delicious.


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