Monday, January 17, 2005

Someone needs to drop this sports locker rooms around the country

Hockey and soccer teams exempted because they're the two sports I actually enjoy watching.... that is unless they want to. I had to look up several sources because I really didn't think that this was possible.

Better yet maybe they should bomb both sides of a conflict... then there wouldn't be any fighting going on. Is this what my taxpayers dollars is going to right now? Even though the military is rejecting such ideas. I don't put it past them to try. It's just the very idea that such assinine things are being thought of as solutions.

"Another idea was creating 'severe and lasting halitosis' to sniff out fighters blending with civilians."

Someone explain how this works.... I can just see security during the Iraqi elections: "Excuse me, sir... I need to kiss you before you enter the polling area... just a precaution."


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