Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Bali Ho

I have room in our home that I’ve designated as our “Tiki Room.” Actually, this is our guest bedroom. I’ve been in search of surf culture, and tacky Polynesian(and Oriental trade) items to place in this room. I was able to find some fake tropical flowers from Cost-Plus, along with a selection of inexpensive faux tropical foilage, and with J’s Ma’s help was able to put together a beautiful but whimsically tacky arrangement in a tall ceramic container. Every now and then I spray the room Gardenia fragrance spray I found somewhere in New York. Faux paradise is better than no paradise.

The Tiki Heads below are my first attempt to add some live greenery to the room.

Tiki Idol Heads:

Tiki Head Mugs or glasses (preferably shorter in height and wider in diameter)
Wheatgrass seeds
Potting Soil

Fill the mug or glass, leaving 1 inch space to the rim. Plant your seeds evenly and cover with soil. Cover the glass with plastic wrap and leave on your kitchen counter or in a safe spot until the seeds begin to sprout. Once most of the seeds have sprouted (3-5 days) move to an area where they will get some sun.

Since you are using containers that do not have a drainage hole be careful not to over water. Dampen the soil before you plant the seeds but make sure not to over-soak them. Also when you’re watering use a spray bottle and spray the plant until the soil is just damp.


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