Thursday, February 10, 2005

From an article:
Modern woman’s quest to manipulate her society with her crippled perception about her "hardship" has influenced most Western nations. It is seen in the legalization of her false image as a minority and victim. The feminist spirit impregnates her land with selfishness, complacency, apathy and dependency leading men into bondage. Her world consists of worshiping the idol of her own image. She seeks absolution from her sins through secular counseling, bringing her to a false sense of contentment and security.

I was just reading these from an article on-line. Not sure why I got here to this site… think it’s because I was led there by an article on Edward Teller as the real Dr. Strangelove.

Suddenly feminism has been associated with selfishness. And womens’ desire for independence and to be seen as equals to men. The reality is women are not treated equally under the current system of law and justice. Women still are victims of physical violence and domestic abuse. Women under the ‘old regime’ often had no choice but to marry whether that marriage be to someone who was supportive or abusive. For those unlucky gals who happened to end up in a marriage that was abusive, they had to stick it through thick and thin just as the author of the essay above suggests… that women must endure their lot and this is what makes them strong and beautiful. If anything, women who have the right to choose whom and if they wish to marry, are empowered to make decisions which will be healthy for themselves and their children.

As of the last count, I haven’t led any men into bondage. I had until recently considered myself very fortunate that I was able to make the choices I could regarding my life and my relationships because I felt that I had the freedom to do so. I was in two situations with men in which I could have married and if things had run their ‘traditional’ course. In one instance I would have had a child with that individual. He had not interest in getting married, and eventually, I saw that it would be futile to press the issue, we were growing apart and our values regarding work, ethics, and domestic issues clashed. I don’t think that this is the ideal situation for raising a child or cultivating a marriage or partnership, but most conservatives are convinced that you can shove a square peg into a round role, so in their eyes I failed to make the relationship succeed. In mine I achieved personal success because I left myself open to finding happiness on my own terms. When you’re young and get involved in a relationship sometimes you don’t see the warning signs that the person will not be compatible with you in the long run.

I consider myself very lucky, very happy now to be in a very loving partnership with someone right now. He’s been a springboard for my imagination and ideas, and I feel that I can express myself freely and even learn from our disagreements with each other, and I wouldn’t trade what I have with this person for all the tax shelters and stock options in the world. For me, I’ve come to cherish the notion that you are in control of yourself and your destiny. You cannot let society, organizations, others coerce you into choosing your path. If others are perfectly happy living lives under the guidance of others, by society, by religion, or even by government. Then that’s their privilege; however, we must always insure that people have the right to make those choices rather than force them upon others.

Perhaps this is why I will eventually need to leave this place in which I work.


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