Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I just spoke to a friend of mine who is still working in the foetid department which I escaped from last summer. The manager (who would have been my manager) tried his best to dissuade her from leaving the group by hinting that if she stayed, she would be promoted a notch. Then he proceeded to lay out all the negatives for moving to another group. After endless badgering in and effort to know her 'intentions,' my friend finally let them know, she would proceed with the interviews for another job. With that, the manager quickly and spitefully noted that they would pass the promotion on to someone else.

What does this say about a manager or leader when the best tactic they have to keep someone is to show how horrible the outside world is? On top of this her manager insists on popping in her cube periodically to note why she is making a mistake.

What an ass.

I can count my lucky stars that I no longer work for this group. I can only think of several ways to torture such an individual for his horrible behavior towards his employees.

- Bring in a large Durian fruit and open it next to his cubicle. (Bring noseplugs for yourself if you must)
- Everytime he comes in play Ooompah band music on your headsets to drown out his voice
- Correct him in a staff meeting everytime he makes a grammatical error
- Make him repeat himself by asking him to do so after


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