Sunday, February 13, 2005

Looking for cheap lighting tricks and other handy decor tips

Just finished baking a batch of madelines to bring over to some friends for tea. I'm searching the net for ideas to put into motion in the home. I'm having somewhat of a brief reprieve between projects at work so it's probably a good idea to put more focus on the domestic front.

I need to see the mess in my house.
I'm not sure any of these go with the theme in our home which is more mid-century modern but I thought the ideas were novel, simple and inexpensive enough to merit some consideration. Some of these lighting & lamp ideas would make great decor for theme parties such as:

Flower Lights:

Moodlighting- Futurism for Cheap-cheap:

But if you're looking for more permanent solutions:

An Industrial Chandelier:

I think you have to be really secure about your choices in accent pieces and furniture to make something like this work. I know about as much about interior design as I do about the stock market, but I'm learning that creating good decor/atmosphere has a lot to do with achieving harmony and balance in the choices of the pieces that we feature in our homes. More, it's much better if the things you choose are really things that appeal to you. I've seen attempts to create this sort of aesthetic using parts found at Grover Plumbing & Lighting, and . While, it's pretty neat to look at, I'm not sure that it's me.

Oriental umbrella lamp:

You know I think I had another spice rack idea floating around here somewhere, but this one is just plain genius (thought up by someone on craftster - ) Make a magnetic spice set for the refrigerator!

I need shelving and storage in a bad way!
Also, I'm on the lookout for some painted metal washtubs to solve my need for a place to store all my sweaters. The latest issue of Ready Made had a great article with how-to's on functional storage units. One idea was to use metal washtubs secure to the wall as hutches for sweaters. I thought that what i'd try to do is get at least 3 washtubs of different sizes and colors and secure them to the wall in a staggered fashion so they look like randomly placed polka dots. Small sweaters-short sleeved in the smallest bin which will hang on the highest level. The largest tub at the bottom will hold the heavy winter chunky knits. The magazine has detailed instructions on how to safely secure the tubs to the wall.


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