Saturday, February 26, 2005

Mouse Watch - Day 1

I still haven't returned the contents of my utensil drawer to their proper place. I just can't. I'm waiting and watching to make sure the little critter doesn't come back to do his scatty dance all over my precious tools again. I really don't have too much of a problem with the guy if he (assuming that he's male) stays outdoors or I'd even tolerate him romping around my garage. But he's crossed the line and trampled on the things I love dearly, and the equipment I use to prepare the food that we eat. Things that we put IN OUR MOUTHS. Uhhhhhhh.... the horror I felt to discover those lavender sized little black nuggets all over my measuring cups and rolling pin jacket still rings fresh. No, this mouse had definitely crossed a line and I would not tolerate it. No, I'm sorry, but I'd make a terrible Buddhist.

I'm sure J finds my reaction to having discovered vermin in our house amusing. After all, I'd battled with roaches the size of a Happy Meal toy in my apartment in NY. I didn't flinch on the occasion when stove started to mysteriously shake and rumble when I sprayed bug spray in my kitchen. No, actually, I got up and ran out of the room. Somehow, I got the dumb idea that maybe if I pointed the creepy crawly things to my cat, he'd taken them on, but they failed to inspire that killer instinct that cats were most famous for. Though what I wouldn't give to have that cat around here now. He'd show that mouse. Sure, J finds my agonizing and obsession with the mouse entertaining, but he simply does not understand that I grew up in the sterile and mouse-free environment of a suburban home. No mold, no mites, just 100% clean heat pump air.

J. set two traps one between the refrigerator and the counter where the mouse left his incriminating evidence and the other was placed inbetween that same section of the counter and the stove. I thought I heard a snap in the middle of the night. But the mouse still eludes us.


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