Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Yesterday, we were out having a beer with friends and someone noted how astonished she was when she discovered that over 50% of people believed that we were placed on this planet (by a diety) in the form we exist as today – basically 100% homo sapiens not allowing for evolution of any sort (for the more ridgid conservatives all sapiens and no homo). She was reluctant to believe that this was true as well as that it was possible for published polls to have an effect on how she felt or thought. Another friend noted, that’s exactly how it works. Although our very astute friend may not be swayed by the assertions of a poll; many people are still swayed by the notion that a ‘quantifiable’ survey had been taken and this is proof enough in the veracity of a point. What exactly are the sources of all these polls regarding the president’s approval rating? Hopefully they’re not from those pop-up ads that come up when you open up a News site that say: “Do You Think Bush Should Have Won?” Or “Is Michael Guilty?” Just ask yourself who exactly would click on these pop-up ads instead of closing them on the spot?

What worries me is the sheer manipulation of public opinion by the neocons and how they blatantly blurt out lies (example: Bill O’Reilly’s rephrasing of Barbara Boxer’s assertions during the Rice Hearings claiming that Boxer questioned Rice's "respect for the troops" instead of her “respect for the truth.” And he dismisses this error over and over again. I guess O’Reilly, like Coulter has adopted the technique of repeating lies enough times until their willing public will accept them as the truth.

O'Reilly's shameless boo boo:

Coulter Swallows her whole leg:


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