Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Celebrating Kitchen Kitsch

Everyone, well almost everyone has some guilty pleasure either from their childhood or that one dish that their mother made that just sends them back to the good times. Mine: Franco American Macaroni and Cheese from the can baked with tunafish and potato chips on top. I'll never eat the stuff again, last time I had it was when I lived as a starving student in NY and it made me downright ill. But in the spirit of nostalgia, I'm keeping the recipe as a sort of food relic. Honestly, I'm sure it it was around with all the preservatives in it it would probably qualify as an actual relic object.

I'm trying to collect a bunch of really BAD, bad campy recipes... If you're game and you've got a real hum-dinger, e-mail me or post on you site and send me the link.

Chili Cheese Cake:
Someone needs to explain to this woman that the concept of a cheesecake and chili just don't jive. Sort of like taco pie.

Twinkie Torte:
This is classic. I used to have a twinkie in my lunch everyday between the ages of 7-11. I wonder if this means that my intestines will be preserved for posterity. This recipe calls for improvised use of green toothpaste as a decorative icing. Hmmm... preservatives and carcinogens...Yum-yum- YUMMMMY.

White Trash Mint Julep:
From here. This is genius.

Ingredients: cheap bourbon, peppermint tic tac.
preparation: put tic tac in mouth. throw back bourbon.

John Beresford Tipton Bars:
I guess John Beresford Tipton is the creator of this confection. Sounds like he should be making something more along the lines with Beef Wellington or Lobster Thermidore (which I would not know what the latter is without the help of Mr. Belvedere).

With the extra colors in Froot Loops now a days this treat is just technicolor terrific.

1 lb Golden Almond Bars; (5 bars)
1 c Froot Loops Cereal
1 c Rice Krispies
1 c Miniature Marshmallows

NOTE: One pound of almond bark can be substituted for the candy bars if they are not available. Melt candy bars in a double boiler. Remove from heat, add cerals, mix until coated, then add marshmallows. Mix well. Pour into a buttered pan about 7 by 10 inches. Let cool until set. Cut into 20 to 30 small squares.

Some Additional Goodies:
Check out the possum with chestnuts.


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