Thursday, March 10, 2005

I wanted to cry

Because I'd never been recognized with such a reward... no REALLY. I attended a recognition function yesterday for all the hardwork we'd accomplished in a multi-project expansive release. The food was pretty good at least not Costco quality, and we were given a choice of several nicely diverse activities to participate in afterwards from wine tasting, golf, shopping, and a faux-casino. And the best part... I received a beautiful stainless-steel thermos. Though through out most of the lunch I had that song from the Jerk running through my head:

What else can I buy so that on me you'll rely...
A rear-end thermometer too!

I'm not being facetious when I say that this is the best reward I've received while working at this company, and I truly appreciate the care that was taken to provide the event. Having organized these types of events in tha past, I realize what a complete and utter pain it is to make sure that everything or at least 95% of the details are executed without failure. You know how I feel about the phrase, "flawless execution." Regardless, I am quite pleased with my thermos as it's something that I definitely put to use.

I think it's actually about time that they rewarded folks around here. Actual recognitions and celebrations are few and far between. It's the least they can do as I found out today that we are no longer allowed to watch movies at work (for legal reasons). Our group did this on a quarterly basis (with the option of course of reading and answering e-mail during the movie). Originally, we used this as a cost-free alternative to employee teambuilding or 'fun' events. However, now the corporate powers that be have decided to take this option away from us. I suggested that perhaps we actually have shadow puppet plays and read the scripts to our favorite movies. However, considering the copyright extension laws this would leave our options mainly in the realm of silent movies. We might as well play charades.


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