Monday, March 28, 2005

If only I had said these things...

But I guess I've been thinking them all along. I read this person's "Letter to their younger self" today and I was amazed.

I have never read such a thorough and compassionate epistle that addresses one's evaluation of faith and belief. I was so thrilled to find this as it seems that of late there's been a great deal of anger and condemnation surrounding faith especially from Fundamentalists. All of the judgement that seems to be passing on It just seems to me that the zealots who have hijacked the media and turned it into their moral pulpit stand for a world where judgement upon others is condoned. This idea has hung over me since the election like an oppressive cloud. More, what bothers me about the whole idea that out government is being pushed to a more Christian/religiously oriented stance by individuals who believe that they are clearly and infallibly in the right. Can we really expect such individuals to embody fairness? I cannot believe some of the outwardly brash actions and words made and spoken by individuals such as Tom DeLay (and our President)? I wonder do they really believe that they can succeed in breaking down the separation of Church and State. My question to them is "Whose church will run the state?" Did the Christian sects and religions suddenly ban together and resolve their doctrinal differences? Considering the 2000 year history of bloody conflict that has plagued Christianity I suppose if it's true they've all united, then this is quite a feat. So who will call the shots in the New American Theocracy? The Mormons? After all aren't they the richer of the the sects?

But something in me believes that this desire to unify Church and State is NOT shared by the majority in our country. I'm beginning to think that the world and more and more of America is sick of the inflated illusion of support behind this shameful administration and it's destructive ploys. What can you say about a President who doesn't make public appearances without barracades that stretch far beyond the camera's gaze so that the non-approved disgruntled's can't be heard? What can you say about his cronies who deny any impropriety when the evidence is so clearly documented? What was it 70-82 percent of Americans believe that the government (president & congress) should wash their hands of the whole Schaivo matter?

Okay, none of this has anything to do with cooking and food, but I cannot help but address this notion that we live in judgemental and oppressive times, as it has been one of the things that I've found to be very upsetting lately, and it seems that no one addresses this adequately in the Media (of course because we know who has control over most of it). Frankly, I'm just tired of the lies, the deceit, the pompous audacity, the fact that ignorance is subtly or not being upheld as a value in this country. I'm tired of hearing that 'that' government is trying to re-shape History via careful omissions. I don't want to hear about these disturbing things anymore. I want to read a poem, listen to my favorite aria. I want to dream of warmer and more comforting times and think of cooking something wholesome and comforting... like of Chicken Soup and Homemade Noodles on a cold rainy day, or maybe some ginger custard or a mug of hot milk with a little Almond syrup. I don't want to be bothered with these ugly and intrusive thoughts. Aren't there others like me who just want to get on with living instead of battling over these things?


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