Thursday, March 31, 2005

On the road again

to fitness... I've been working out 3x a week at least and started the tofu diet again, I've made great progress as I've already lost about 3 lbs; however, today I'm craving a big serving of Curry Fries. You know a basketful of golden-fried nirvana blanketed with spicy curry goodness. Mmmmmmm. It's a good thing that curry fries or at least good ones aren't easily accessible around here. Why am I dieting? Confession: vanity. Pure vanity. That and other reasons. Plus I'm actually travelling to a warm destination for vacation in a month and a half and I would like to loose a little before enjoying myself in a more scantilly clad setting.

More, my family history has been worrying me lately, and that's why I've changed my diet to restrict my intake of red meat and salt. Both of my grandparents on my mother's side died before they reached 50 from heart-related illness. It probably didn't help either that they most likely ate a lot of sodium rich foods required by the need to preserve foodstuffs in the tropical third-world where refrigeration was rare or expensive.

I guess I've been trying to re-evaluate my relationship with and view of food for comfort. Though I enjoy getting lost in what I eat and even spending time and care preparing food and goodies for myself and others, I guess age has pointed out that there are some restrictions to how I much I can enjoy the things I once loved so dearly: buttery pastas, bacon-goodness, custardy sweet love. I joked with a co-worker not too long ago that there's a reason why skinny older women (or women of any age) can be kinda nasty: " ... It's cause they don't get much to eat, hon. "You'd be ready to bite someone's head off if you've been deprived of good nourishing sustinance over a long period of time. And if deprivation doesn't transform you into a bitch on wheels it will make a ding-bat of you. I met a girl once who at the time subsisted on a diet of olives and water (which might have made her some sort of Orthodox saint) who really couldn't reason her way out of a paper bag, but she drove men crazy with her cute little figure and huge doe-eyes. Later, I realized how little self-esteem she really had and more that she had an 'inflated' image of herself in the sense that she always perceived that her butt was expanding by the minute. Though maybe this was just a hallucination resulting from her protein deprived diet.

I'm not saying farewell to my cherished comfort foods forever. I'm just going to see them on a limited basis and when I can enjoy better quality renditions in smaller portions at places like this:


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