Saturday, April 16, 2005

Cursed by my earlier comments

Remember when I said that I wish I could mute the people I was in a teleconference with... well that comment came back to bite me. I will confess that I was in a meeting (while at home yesterday) and that I am if you haven't figured it out yet, a little scatter-brained. I made the mistake (which I will never ever ever do again) of starting something to cook on the stove while I'd called into a meeting. Someone drew me back to my desktop to answer a question which I thought would be brief... then suddenly I smelled a toasted grain and burning odor wafting from the kitchen. My rice was burning (don't ask why this Asian woman doesn't have a rice cooker, okay!)

I ran to the stove...
"Shit, shit... it's burning!" I grabbed the pan and noisily plunked it into the sink and then turned the cold water on it.

Then suddenly I realized that I hadn't switched my phone over to mute. Thought I heard someone sighing exasperatedly on the phone. Oooops.... .... so sorrry.

Okay, I promise, this was really really REALLY stupid, and I will never ever do it again. Cook rice in a pan while I'm in a teleconference, I mean. I will admit that I got some perverse pleasure from having a few people at work hear me swear.

I've started a separate blog for my knitting projects. Hopefully, I can get the photos of what I've finished posted soon. However, I think that the firewall is preventing me from posting them... probably something instituted by my work to prevent the many frustrated employees who are blogging.


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