Sunday, April 24, 2005

Tool Land

We were given another spreadsheet tool to track our progress here at work. More work to track work. Another metric, another tool. Let's see that's an extra hour a week I have to be filling out this spreadsheet. If there was something wrong with the old metric why don't you just get rid of it. Three weeks vacation including sickdays... I have to do 49 hours of crap work... and it doesn't stop even when management is on vacation.

The other week I was tasked with reviewing a number of trainings that were posted on of which was a series of seven or eight courses with no less than 150 pages of content for each course. Each page was a screenshot and some text- a screenshot, text, text, text. Screenshot. Some pages were all text. I believe in being thorough, but there's got to be a way to make things more presentable and at least digestable. When I was developing materials for an engineering team I protested when our main method was to provide bulleted powerpoint after powerpoint. Maybe a page or two graced with one of those stupid string beings. A friend of mine sent me a graphic of two of them doing it doggy style and I lost it. When I questioned my supervisor about it she just smiled and said: "They're engineers. They can take it."

People here at my work move with rhythmic determination. They're always on a track. Cheery, cheery never dreary. Some never pause to question what they're doing but just go with the motions.


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