Sunday, April 24, 2005

While I'm on some catty and inappropriate subjects this month...

Perhaps this is the month where I'm having my period... that is I am rather irregular (in more ways than one), it would just be better perhaps if I was unburdened on all my 'feminine duties' for the bulk of the year and just had to deal with them in one month... I could spend this month sequestered away from the rest of society in the wild and rage with the wolves or whatever that new-age book from the 90's suggested I do. By the way I never read it. Wasn't it on Oprah's book club?

In anycase, I was thinking that as I grow older, like most, I have this tendency to look on generations who are younger than myself and say... that's far more messed up than we ever were. I can't help but remember the episode of South Park on the "Stupid Spoiled Whore" phenomenon brought about by young girls idolizing and emulating the girl named "B" and Paris Hilton. Such is the tendency of the older to comment upon the licentious nature of those who are younger than they. More, it seems that there is this unspoken barrier that divides what is appropriate for the younger generation and inappropriate for the older generation in terms of sexual behavior, attitudes, clothing styles and mannerism. The younger generation, of course recoils at the thought of the older generation, namely their parents having any sort of sexuality whatsoever. A friend of mine who is about my age works as a nurse and a few years ago she noted that she had a patient who was in her late seventies who was in the early stages of dementia who attacked her verbally one day. "I was a nurse once, and in my day we wore little white uniforms. We dressed the right way. We didn't dress like TRAMPS like all of you..." I had to laugh when she related this story back to me because apparently the woman didn't realize just how rampant the cliche fantasy of nurses in little white uniforms was with many men including some of the countless dorks who tried to date my friend.

This barrier to sympathy of the sexuality of generations set up by social norms probably due to some reason tied to the practicality of reproduction. Why would you want to think of people your parent's age or older having sex... until of course you get to that age. At dinner the other night we all had a laugh reminiscing about the whole subject of finding pornography in the home. "Here's my take on this," I said," If you don't want your kids to find it in your house then don't keep it there. Doesn't matter if you put it in boxes underneath scores of boxes or even set up a state of the art security system. Your children will find it now matter where it is, and then they will find a way to get to it. Enforcing some horrific guilt about sexuality might be one's only bet on getting them not to look at it (however this too can backfire as the most ardently sought out literature is that which has been forbidden), but then too you don't want to be responsible for them having to pay tens thousands of dollars for therapy later in their lives to sort out their sexual hang ups or perversions. Don't keep it in the home, but chances are they'll find it at someone elses home. That's what sleepovers are for."


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