Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I've noticed lately that people here have been copying everyone on e-mails, especially when they're pissed off or have issues with someone's actions. Perhaps they want to share their anger and frustration with others. I don't think there's been much openess around here in meetings. I see a lot of people agreeing to schedules that are unrealistic. I don't see as many people standing up in meetings and raising concerns or looking at universal impacts. As everyone telecommutes (which is a both a blessing and a curse) there's a tendency not to focus during meetings... multi-tasking becomes a way of life (because you can always hit mute). Lately, too upper management has been pushing us to reduce the detail in our status report down to the nubbins. It's coming from the very top down. I smell something wrong... something stinky... about all of this or maybe it's just a precusor to increased lack of productivity and lack of connection between workers. I wouldn't be surprised if they started curbing the work at home movement in half a years time.


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