Sunday, May 08, 2005

Folding Napkins

I was looking for a way to fold napkins for our Mothers Day brunch, and I found this excellent site called the International Guild of Professional Butlers. I can understand taking pride in caring for others and making things nice for them. Hopefully, those who are taken care of appreciate the time and care taken by their staff.

I settled on the "Rose:"

I passed on the "Pope's Mitre" because it looked far too stiff and uptight. I actually found that it wasn't as easy as it looked, because cloth, of course, doesn't hold it's form and folds like paper. I wanted to achieve a sort of "spring" floral and garden theme. So I decorated the table with candles in different shades of green, and placed two potted clematis vines (which were gifts to the two wonderful moms attending) at either end of the table.

The two brothers brought the dishes* below :). It was a wonderful time. This is what I enjoy most about my family is that we always get together on occassions like these and share in good food and stories.

Fresh fruit and yogurt parfaits drizzled with honey and cinnamon(used the excellent Greek yogurt)
Apricot glazed roasted pork-loin
Lemon asparagus
Barley and orzo pilaf
Cottage pancakes with lemon
Cucumber dill salad*
Grape and strawberry salad with red wine and balsamic vinegar*
Spinach and egg strata with fennel sausage*
Bellinis to drink


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