Monday, May 09, 2005

I'm utterly infatuated...

I'm going to go off on a little Samurai Champloo fix here:

Okay, in my past I've gone for the smart-mouthed bad-boy... maybe the punk who get's thrown out of seedy clubs like the Satyricon (that dates me here in pDX) or the guy who just has that hint of aggression beneath his breath and manner when he walks into a bar. You're probably thinking... How could you, Imogene? That's so cliche.

I would have totally gone for the Mugen character and fallen completely in love with his abrasive and brusque and straighforward demeanor... but somehow, now, I'm more of a Jin girl:

I like the air of discipline, but yet still beneath all the training and seeming complacency Jin seems like a spirit who questions things and is not afraid to stand up for what he feels is right. He is quiet, and maybe a little disturbed in his lonliness, but when it comes down to the line, he's willing to take risks to learn and even conquer or win over his enemies.

I wouldn't base my idea of an ideal man on this guy... it's just a crush.

I'm a nut... how could I be infatuated with a cartoon character and at my age? :)

On a related note, I've been reading more about Musashi Minamoto the samurai martial arts master who wrote the Book of Five Rings a treatise on the philosophy of Bushido and the art of war... he said something that really struck a chord with me and how I've been feeling about my job and this whole corporate life:

As I see society, people make arts into commerical products. They even think of themselves as commodities, and also make implements for their commercial value. This attitude is like flowers compared with seeds: the flowers are more numerous than the seeds; there is more decoration than reality.

The seeds being the knowledge and skill needed to reproduce things of worth and beauty. He was refering to is disdain for the 'commericialization' of martial arts in his time; however, I feel that his words apply to the drive and need for quick products, quick fixes, fast push out to market driven by the corporate competitive mentality. Maybe I'm simplifying things here but if we don't focus on the honing of products and developing quality items in the end we'll be left with a lot of... crap. Maybe I'm overstepping my bounds, but I really think that there are enough people in this world who are hungry for things of real substance. They want more than just the shitty well-targeted and marketed movies that go straight to video and into some parent's DVD player as a form of kiddie opium. They want more than the plastic fascimilies of coconuts or tropical fish fashioned into dinner ware that can be tossed into a land-fill after a few months of use.

I believe that thoughtless consumerism is detrimental to the soul. I believe that creation of things of substance and beauty are the way of the future... not a thing of the past.

I applied for a job outside of the company... with a smaller company, and have been called in for a preliminary interview.. but shhhhhhhhh... don't tell anyone. I may not get it. Who knows, but the hiring manger I spoke with seemed really receptive and happy to talk with me.


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