Friday, May 06, 2005

Interesting Idea to deter theft... but

It would probably backfire on me.

This brings back sad memories of things I've had stolen from me. I remember long ago I had this pair of antique glasses frames that were silver... octagonal shaped. They were super cool. I fell asleep in the library while I was studying (which I often did), and when I awoke they were gone. I looked everywhere, asked a friend to help me find them, but to no avail. You've got to understand that I'm basically Velma from Scoobydoo without my aids to vision. I had to call my roommate to bring my contacts to the library so I could figure out which bus to take home. I guess I could have asked someone to direct me, but I probably would have gotten off at the wrong stop.

I still think that the ipod theft deterrent is a pretty funny invention... says a lot about how that individual valued his music/i pod.


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