Saturday, May 28, 2005

Nothing is free...

..let alone knowledge. I spent some time trying to find old sewing machine manuals for my mother's old Kenmore sewing machine, and it looks like someone has scooped up that money making activity and insured that people must pay to view these out of print materials. I can't ask my mom to help with this because she's gone... out of the country for the next few weeks.

More, I've noticed that the thesaurus doesn't have as rich a selection of words for entries as it once did. It figures now, that I've packed away my crumbling 1000 page word-finder in an attic box because I thought I could escape the need of using a paper copy. Looks like this was a short-sighted move on my part. Need to pull down the attic ladder and find it before it dissolves into dust. I noticed too that my former resource the PC Encylopedia has become pregnant with links to sites that sell software I don't need, and it takes me twice as long to find the answers to my questions.

Not long ago, I thanked my lucky stars that the internet was a place where I could ask many a question and get it answered. It was my genie or magic question box. Now, the genie has become a brillo creamed traveling flim flam artist flashing pictures of elongated weiner dogs or pigs promising me that I can get a $170K house mortgage with a $765 monthly payment (most likely with a shitty 3 year ARM that will result in a monthly payment increase of several hundred dollars after the expiration date). Fuck 'em! Fuck 'em all.

The internet has become ripe with crappy penile dysfunction ads and pop-ups pushing family tree research. As a child when I was growing up it seemed that the geneology thing was a sort of crutch for those people who felt that inadequate about their accomplishments or insecure about who they were. My family, I'm sure I came from a long line of pig-shit shovellers, but you know what... who fucking cares? It's what you do with your life not your past.

What's next? Will people now pay for ad free resources just as people pay for cable television to view (supposedly) high caliber television programming? Or will we just have to remain patient and sift through the countless marketing ploys and flashing pop ups to get the nuggets of information that we need?

Does anyone out there have a link to a decent on-line thesaurus?

Am I alone here in thinking that knowledge and the tools which facilitate the gathering of it should be FREE goddamnit!

I'm working on re-writing a promotional brochure for someone. Hopefully honing my skills for doing something else. I will confess that that last job interview didn't turn out to be as great a success that I wanted it to be. I have the rough skills needed for the job, but I don't have the benefit of experience, but to be honest, it felt wonderful interviewing for another job. When I was asked why I wanted to leave my current position... I had to choke back the urge to blurt out, "Because I don't want to work for a company run by complete and utter dorks who are out of touch with everything." The adulterer in me sees job hunting as a sort of clandestine activity not unlike dating when you're in a bad relationship or marriage. You might feel loved and attractive because they appear to want you. You might feel the energy and excitement from the initial interview and courting with resumes and cover letters, but when it comes down to the actual dates and coitus you realize, maybe this just isn't what I hoped it would be. Maybe I'm better off on my own for a while.

For the past month or so I've been scripting my exit interview in my head.


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