Friday, May 27, 2005

Well, he's not the mustachio'ed individual I'd liken him to

Bush as Groucho offensive? I If anything this is a terrible offense to Groucho, may he rest in peace. How could you liken a retarded ape to a highly sophisticated and learned individual who brought joy and laughter to millions. I could think of another prominent figure of the past who I'd rather compare the other side of America's president to... and his mustache is much more sparse than Mr. Marx's. Though almost everything the press focuses on today seems like a staged and carefully thought out ploy from run away brides to fake Koran trashing stories.

Have you gotten there yet?
Trust no one in the media.

Of course using his picture in such a way for a school play poster does seem sophmoric. Public high school ironically is such a bad place for social commentary and expression. The irony lies in the fact that challenging authority is a normal part of becoming an adult. It's a bit sad really, because it's usually the youth of the nation who are more likely to question the status quo. I'm hopeful though, because youth tend to be adept at forming avenues to and for counter-culture outside of institutions. They do so in the music and art they create, and in the way they purchase and consume.

I believe that American culture, being prone to hyperbole and youth worship, often puts too much emphasis on the freshness of youth perspective and neglects the experience and savvy of older generations. In fact, our market economy is highly youth driven. Maybe the aging of the Boomers will change this perspective. It saddens me really that we remain terribly unsophisticated in our understanding and appreciation of what all generations can offer a culture.

Want a healthy does of disgruntlement and paranoia over the holiday weekend? Here are my picks to watch if you want to actually stay indoors this weekend.

3 pack of Fictional Stories about Media Culture:
The Long Game (Episode of Dr. Who 2005 series)
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