Saturday, May 07, 2005

You thought 30 was old...

Looks like 21 years is the target date for ending your life in Bryan Singer's re-make of Logan's Run. I guess this is yet another example of Hollywood pandering to that younger generation aged 12-18. I'd like to think that young people are smart enough to realize when they're being fed a whole load of crap. Who knows I keep hoping that they'll spew back most of this garbage.

I think many Americans are growing weary of the formulaic shit that the American Movie and Television Industry keeps on shovelling out like cartloads of foetid and tedious filler. How many CSI spin-offs can you release? How many faith-tinged family dramas where all the children and parents look so flawless that you'd swear that all of them down to the 12 year old had some expensive work done on them. They all involve casts who look as if they starved themselves on water and low-carb regimens. The fathers all look like semi-altered versions of Alan Thicke and all sport the same inane humor and personality, and don't get me started about the reality tv movement. I hopeful that this is on its way out the door. I've actually christened our television the "Shit Box."

I've been finding myself turning more to British shows and some Japanese and Korean films. I rented the first season of League of Gentleman not long ago. I found it disturbing at first, in the same way a normal person would find a marriage between Monty Python and David Lynch. Yet, it sort of grew on me as I became more involved in the lives of a middle-aged candy-pink lipstick wearing lesbian job counselor Pauline whose main counsel to her 'restart' students involved keeping an ample collection of pens or the suspiciously identical looking couple who run the shop catering only to the "Locals" who obsessed over finding a playmate and mate for the deformed son they kept hidden away in their backroom. It's peppered with all the things that we Americans find so distubing. In fact, it's a delightfully packaged grab bag of the things we still secretly obsess over via trashy docu-features on the eChannel: incest, transexuals, kinky sex, freakishly obsessive recluses.


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