Thursday, June 23, 2005

Jesus would be embarrassed

Is it me or is this WRONG to preach in the workplace? We get this all the time here... and they are starting to really get on my nerves. Pizza lunches and prayer meetings advertised on the company intranet. Articles in the company newsletter. Why can't they just keep this at home? Why must they 'share' it with others? Though I have this theory about born missionaries... they are usually so insecure in their own faith and belief that they must force it upon others... no they alone cannot be the saved one they must force their religion upon others.

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Jesus @ Work-
While Jesus himself never had to balance a budget or file a weekend report, those who follow him consider him the acme of managerial acumen. "Jesus was like, in my mind, the ultimate manager and leader and business visionary," gushes Nancy Matheson-Burns, president and CEO of specialty food distributor Dole & Bailey. "I'm a shepherd of a flock. I'm responsible for them and how their jobs affect their family and affect their lives."

Take God to Work Day-

Faith at work-

Culture War or Crusade? -

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