Thursday, June 23, 2005

Take back what?

This seems a little pathetic... people making a big to do about having a day to themselves or some time to themselves outside of their work or jobs. Shouldn't that time be yours to begin with? Though I admire this group in a way, I don't think that they're doing enough to address the overall impact of this lack of time in American's lives. I'm not a huge fan of unions and I'd probably get fired for even mentioning organized labor for salaried individuals (oxymoron that that may be), but the more they push the more it may go this way. You talk to a lot of people who work in a corporate environment and they continue to feel powerless and there's one big ugly reason why: the legal department. My legalese may be a bit off and I promise to research more into how this works, but although it's illegal to require people to work over a certain amount of time (though I have worked for managers in this company who have stated to their groups that a 12 hour work day is required), any honed and schooled legal employee will tell you that the company has secured your services in accomplishing several tasks or deliverables. You are responsible for these deliverables regardless of the amount of time by day or by week that you are required to get the job done!

Yet this doesn't explain why it's always seemed to me that the people who work in Legal are usually the most unhappy people in a corporation.

At our work we are always encouraged to take ownership of our tasks and time. That's just great... what they don't tell you is that you will be continually plagued by a push to get more things to do on your plate.


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