Sunday, June 19, 2005

Update to Exodus Plan 2005

I'm outlining my plan to leave or find new work. I've decided that just sending resumes and cover letters isn't going to cut it.

Some things I've decided to do

  • Consider what else I want to do
  • Evaluate other possible areas of work which I could be qualified in outside of my current job role (i.e. Human Factors Engineer) - limit to three target areas
  • Research training necessary for other positions
  • Consider taking a sizable cut in pay (at first)
  • Research specific companies and industries (secure at least 1 informational interview with an individual in a different company a week or as time and schedule allows)
  • Draft cover letters with persuasive arguments in each target area
  • Coordinate resume information for each target area
  • Start collecting lists of names/contacts in each job industry
  • Set a goal for application submission and track my progress
  • Make sure to keep feedback from interviews that are not successful and review my application, resumes, cover letter content to make sure that this feedback is applied where appropriate

In the meantime I've decided that I will record my observations and comments during this process of finding a new job and new path. I want to spend some time exploring the impact of the notion that our worth is based wholly and primarily on monetary value whether the measurement for this value is based on the lowest competitive salary our position or a quantifiable number of tasks or products per hour. My intuition tells me that there is a threshold for quantifiability or quantification driven by the profit driven culture. My gut feeling tells me that there is a great deal of denial enforced when it comes to setting realistic goals and expectations for employee success criteria. Also, there are models of healthy work environments and dysfunctional ones. I want to figure out and define what exactly a healthy environment looks like. Will I find this ideal working utopia? I honestly doubt it, but I believe that the first step for achieving any ideal state is to visualize it.

Also, I want to know, I want to hear what other people in my situation are experiencing and how they are dealing with or working to influence change in their workplace or their own lives. Why am I doing this? Because I feel that there's a got to be a better way of doing things. I may not understand all the tools (god, there's that word again) or ways of doing them, but I would like to learn. At the very least I can try my best to avoid having to work at a job I hate for a company or organization which I don't respect.


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