Monday, June 20, 2005

What DO you want?

Countless numbers of us deal with the fact that we're working in jobs that we don't really care for. Some of us come to work and switch ourselves 'off' for the good part of the day. We become embroiled in the rituals of our work and we weave in and out of our own space and consciousness in calendared meetings, pivot tables, tabular formulas that there is little time for us to think for ourselves. We tell ourselves that we'll think about changing things as soon as we get some free time, but more often than not that free time is eaten up by familial obligations and personal issues that should have been attended to while we were working overtime.

Honestly, I dont' think there's anything unique about what I'm going through. I'm just yet another overworked American who still believes that she can get what she wants if she thinks long and hard, and works for it. This is an age old formula marketed by countless indivuals who try to sell their testimony to how they escaped the lives of indentured servitude. I spent a great deal of my life following. I only ended up working at Company X by chance. I was burned out of my previous profession and looking for a place to be reborn. Initially, as I wrote earlier, I really loved working here becuase despite the hard work I was working for leadership that I respected, people who knew how to guide and set expectations rather than micro manage or manage via numbers. More, I was encouraged and rewarded for taking risks.

Taking Stock in What You Love

So I've been thinking... in order for me to be able to find a place of work or a profession that I truly enjoy I need to do consider all the things I enjoy doing or some of the subject areas I find myself interested in.

-Cooking, experimenting with foods... obviously
-Knitting/Sewing/ Textile Crafts

I'm sure there's more, but I really haven't had enough coffee right now to think about it.

What's Right for You?

I took a quick career self assessment quiz. The results noted that I'm more of an ENTP (see the description below). I've been thinking more and more that although I tend to be an introvert, I have evolved over the past few years. I've become an extrovert because of circumstance, that and I tend to swim against the flow like a salmon beating itself against rocky rapids. This environment where I work is made up mainly of introverted folks... and more people here don't question things (at least this is my perception) they tend to go with the flow more often than not.

While the description seems fairly accurate, I'm not incredibly smitten with all of the career possibilities. I've tagged the ones that actually intrigue me. I'm not going to base my career choice decisions on one little quiz from Monster, but I see this as a step to finding out what I really want to do with my life. Didn't Helen Gurley Brown get her start as a copywriter?

ENTP (Extravert, Intuitive, Thinker, Perceiver)
People of this type tend to be friendly, charming and outgoing; quick-witted, energetic and irreverent; ingenious, imaginative and creative; curious, flexible and unpredictable; logical and analytical.

The most important thing to ENTPs is being creative, seeing possibilities and always having new challenges.

Great careers for ENTPs

  • Entrepreneur-->
  • Investment banker Venture capitalist-->
  • Outplacement consultant-->
  • Management / marketing consultant
  • Copywriter
  • Radio / TV talk show host
  • Political manager -->
  • Real estate developer
  • Actor-->
  • Strategic planner
  • University/college president-->
  • Motivational speaker-->
  • Internet marketer
  • Advertising creative director

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