Monday, September 05, 2005

Science, evolution and vermin control

Jesus Christ! I've done everything to our dogs... Used pet meds, dipped them bathed them, combed them every day for fleas, but the goddamn little buggers keep on coming back. We've even kept our grass cut extremely short. The best method I've found so far is to just comb them in the bathroom after they've been playing outside. Keep a wet piece of toilet paper in one hand to immediately remove the fleas from the comb. This way you can drown and squish the fleas at once. Toss the paper in the toilet after you've caught several and repeat the process with another fresh piece of damp toilet paper. Flush all flea carcasses down the toilet.

Perhaps the fleas that are out there have developed a resistance to the anti-flea pet medication we put on our pets, and as a fleas's cycle is about five weeks... and if only the fittest fleas resistant to the pet medication survive it's only a matter of months or a year before the entire population of fleas in an area has become resistant to vet purchased flea medication. Oh all you proponents of Intelligent Design... explain how this happens.


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