Friday, October 28, 2005


Within the past year of my life I've come to the following conclusions/assumptions about the world we live in (here at this company):

1.) It's better not to question anything and just do it - Most companies in this era would rather hire people who do not question values or challenge them.
2.) The top are not accountable for their mistakes - Many companies protect their upper management with reorganizations and layoffs. Sounds like the accountability item may apply to certain political leaders as well.

Here 's the problem with each conclusion:

1.) If you have too many people working in an organization who simply follow the leader. The company will consistently suffer from the poor decisions made by that leader.
2.) The only people who TRULY benefit from the system are the people at the top. Why should a leader have any incentives to make truly good and sound decisions if they are covered either way (success or failure).

Is this the world we live in? I have a few friends who call themselves realists who insist that this is the world we have always lived in and that most of us really don't have any Free Will. On a side note, I've been toying with the idea that everyone no matter who they are has a space or potential space (figurative or metaphysical) in which they exist... this space can be called for any intensive purposes freedom.


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