Friday, October 21, 2005


The interview I had with Company A did not pan through... Though I'm not to down hearted by the whole thing. Have you ever interviewed with a company and they just didn't have their shit together? Makes you think: Do I really want to work here?

Here's the thing... I interviewed with the company a few months ago and did not get the first position that was offered. It was offered to Mr. S. However they called me back two months later and asked me if I was interested in coming in again. I e-mailed and replied by phone that I was definitely interested. Then I waited a few days, then a week and then another week, then another week. No response. Finally the vice president of the company e-mails me asking if Mr. S. head of training has contacted me. I replied "No." He noted that he would get Mr. S. to send me an e-mail.

The morning of the scheduled Interview which I did not even know about because I never received an e-mail or phone call from Mr. S.

S must stand for Schlmiel.

I have to switch my development meetings around just so I can get to this interview, and on top of that I have to give them a short window to interview me in because I need to be back home to receive calls for a meeting that I cannot reschedule. I rush down there. I have to wait for 20 minutes because part of the interview team is late from a meeting with their lawyer.

Now Mr. S swaggers in the room. He's slick this one... like the sort of dick who played golf with your grandfather. He's the marketing salesman with the tight gripped hand shake, brill cream head and the dangerously contagious optimism shrouding the unkempt testosterone fits that lurk within his persona. He had way too much hair for someone his age... which is a bad sign (Newt Gingrich, Tom Delay... Phil Donohoe).

Through out the meeting he kept of asking me about my rationale for offering courses. His queries though were questioning the tools I was developing the training for... not the training itself. He kept insinuating that I was making the wrong decisions for what I was doing... all with a smile. I wanted to look at the other interviewers and say point blank, "Do I have to work with this guy?"

And to top this off... at the end... he looked at me and titled his fully coifed head... "You sure you did not get my e-mail?"

That's the end of that. Move on I say.


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