Saturday, November 26, 2005

Fuck Decadence and Drugs - Fuck Meritocracy as it stands today

We finally borrowed the Party Monster last night.... uhhhhhg. I vaguely remember those kind of people... rich bohemians and their wannabe friends... and it just reaffirmed what I'd always thought of the rich and indolent... they really have no talent for anything but being extremely excessive and annoying.

On other notes I have been very hopeful lately... as well as being very productive. As of the last two months I was lucky enough to get chosen to work on a project here at work that was rather high-profile.

Look I says... to the PM (Project Manager) and our Training Manager. I'm going to work really hard on this project for you and I'm going to spend a lot of time assessing what sort of strategy we should take with two goals in mind (Make the customer happy and deliver a quality product). I may not deliver your gantty gant gant paper work on time... but I promise you I will deliver a quality product, based on the LEARNERS real needs and objectives that truly match your business goals.

Because I told myself... I'm no longer going to be a slave to the politics in this fucking group. I'm going to run the politics. I suppose it's because I felt like I was becoming too much of a victim.

Another thing... I realized that if I'm going to have a real impact... I'm not going to be able to do it on my own. That Prima Dona stuff... that's for hacks and the mentally and spiritually impaired and people with a fucking Dorian Grey personality defect. I realize that all of this attitude (High and mighty - hoity toity) stems from the backwards process of rewarding people here through ranting and raving (ranking and rating) in which you are either rewarded for mainly individual efforts for:
1.) Coming up with tools or business process (necessary or unnecessary)
2.) Being a tool (backstabbing each other by taking credit for making tools or processes)
3.) Being extremely clever with numbers (we call them indicators here) that make you look like you're extremely productive.

No, I've given that all up. Because after working with this team I realized that really good things can come out of working with others by doing the following:

  • Make sure people's strengths are used
  • Protecting each other on the team
  • Giving people credit where credit is due
  • Sharing leadership
  • Guiding
  • Having an atmosphere where you feel open enough to take risks
  • Fostering other's creative input
  • Listening to what others have to say

So the end result: A product where we were able to deliver a training package for a tool which was really, really unpalatable and cumbersome. We've received recognition upon recognition , accolades, from the customer, management and our students.

We're doing just fine. More than FINE, in fact.

And here's where I grin with my cigar planted between my teeth... "See, sweetheart, you had nothing to worry about all along!"


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