Sunday, December 18, 2005

My one Christmas wish

It pains me and deeply frightens me... the developing state of paranoia and fear we live under. I feel that sooner or later unless people confront what is happening with conviction and belief, we will no longer live in a truly Free society. What frightens me the most is the side which normally takes the moral high ground on things is now pulling whatever dirty stunts they can to make their point or drive it home into the skulls of the opposition. I've spoken to a number of seemingly educated individuals who really do believe that it's necessary to sacrifice our civil liberties in order to be safe. Perhaps I would be inclined to agree with them if I were assured that once there was no longer a "State of Emergency" our rights would be reinstated. However I'm not entirely convinced that the powers that be are likely to relenquish power over our rights once the need has died down. More, I'm note convinced that they will take the morally correct path when it comes to being truthful about the existance of a "State of Emergency." If History has taught us anything it is that parties or individuals who want to achieve power will pull out whatever stops necessary in order to do so. More they will also take advantage of a "State of Emergency" perceived or "real" in order to do so, because it is a strategically good time to take greater powers during such times.

Though on the bright side, no government or person has ever been able to maintain a complete hold over a free society in the Modern World over a long period of time. Any reign based entirely upon the suppression of rights of the people for the purposes of a very few or group of people will be challenged, as long as there is a large and well-informed enough body of people who will rise up or speak out. I can only be hopeful.

If I had a wish right now, it would be for all Americans to be vigilant and protective over as well as thankful for the amount of 'freedom' we currently do possess.


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