Wednesday, January 18, 2006

His mother is representing him in his next performance review

I thought it was a joke when I read a reference to this item in a professional journal, but a friend of mine brought this up from another article he had read.... WTF! Grow some balls. I can only hope that this is an urban myth. What kind of pride to you have if you allow you mother to defend you at your rating session.

I couldn't believe this, so I had to google it.

So it is true, but what gets me is that business are encouraged to "deal" with it. One company even had to arrange a 'sit down' between johnny, mom, the boss, and an H.R. representative. Now who needs to grow a set of chungas?

That's the bad side. On the otherside, this generation can appear to be highly optimistic and idealistic. They have high expectations of their places of employement and their role in things. I see this as a good thing. Though as always, I would temper optimism with some caution. Have a positive outlook and always strive for quality, but always have a plan just in case something doesn't go your way.


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