Friday, January 06, 2006

Oh Crafster, where art thou?!!!

I just went onto to discover that it was replaced by a bunch of crappy ads. Does anyone know where the original Craftster site went or is it just gone... Poof!

Why, God, why? Why do you give us a place like the internet where ideas can be shared and we can learn so much, then you send the nasty capitalists and copyrighters who take the ability to share knowledge freely away.

Will we be sent back to the dark ages again?... though in a way I sort of miss going to the library to leaf through books and search through articles. For my parents (and obviously this will give away my age range because I grew up right on the edge of an era where parents were not afraid to leave their children in public places)... the library was a cheaper alternative to a baby sitter. I used to spend hours in the library rifling through books, reading... Looking up answers to questions I had on things I was fascinated with from Baba Yaga to cooking walnut pastries to the Loch Ness Monster and mummified remains ( I was a big fan of In Search Of- with Leonard Nimoy...okay, so that dates me again). I remember often getting stuck in a section and reading through books on the Dogon Star and the Dogon people.

But where is our beloved Craftster? Does anyone know... or is there another alternative? If I wasn't so doggone busy I'd start one myself.


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