Thursday, January 26, 2006

Oh My God... I need to stab myself with a fork

I hate night time meetings.
More, I hate night time meetings where people are yelling at each other.
I'm sitting in a product design meeting...they're arguing about customizations to SAP.
These meetings are painful.

Besides this... I've decided to take some time to developing training material for something I find interesting, and a product that I respect and believe in. Could it be Blender?

J. has been using a new opensource product for 3D modeling called Blender. Blender as a product intrigues me because it is one of those fabled 'open source' products. Coming from an industry where tool development is not so focused on quality of design as producing results for time to market... it's really nice to see a tool that has been developed by people who are passionate about the tool and care about the quality. So I'm intrigued.

There are plenty of tutorials being created for Blender, but I want to take some time to explore the tool and also understand it's benefits/uses from the viewpoint of the users. So I've got to set some time limits for me otherwise I'll just let this project sit out there without acting on it. So I've decided that I'll finish the exploration of the product and some initial analysis for training/tutorial opportunities by the end of the month.


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