Saturday, January 28, 2006

Patch of blue sky

The clouds have cleared so that there are patches of blue in the sky. That's odd in the land where mold is the state flower and people don't carry umbrellas because they think... what's the point? But my moods are somewhat dark today anyway, because of the state of fear are living in lately. I start to think... Historians must be fairly patient people (the ones who uphold the truth at least). Because as long as they live long enough to see the gamut of human political experiments in their lifetimes, and to see the pendulum of progress swing back and forth the only constant that they can be sure of is that people don't really pay heed to history or to the historians for that matter.

Will the Fear of Googling grow prevalent? I think it was not more than a year ago and on this blog even that I noted how wonderful it was to have the internet... because it allowed us easier access to tools of knowledge, and on a very simplistic level it's was like a genie of questions and answers. Why should I even be careful not to say the wrong things here? Am vulnerable? But what are the wrong things? Who determines what is wrong? And just exactly how important am I? I'm but one person. What about the billions of others who are capable of clear and lucid thought?

I must not be the only individual who is concerned about such things because if you look at the most searched/link to news stories on Google they are the stories which relate to the items the Google and NSA stories rise to the top of the pile. Isn't it a coincidence to that in the last few years more people have resorted to finding their news on the internet rather than relying on television and newspapers? At least on the internet you have a choice. Access to information (at least in most countries) is not restricted. If you don't trust your local news agency or the television you can search for news online. You may have to sift through information to find the stuff that does not have it's integrity compromised but at least you have the ability to sift and choose.

So what happens when people fear? What happens when information is restricted? What happens when people must fear situations which put them in contact with foreign contacts? What happens when property rights have become challenged or denegrated so that it's easy for any system in power to confiscate it if given 'ample' cause? What happens when people can be classified as sub-citizens?

What happens? Progress stops...and the position and rights of the people as a whole become compromised.

At these times it is the people (the very group which these so called freedom restricting measures are designed to 'protect') who become the weak and the helpless victims of the state. While there may be threats to our national security, then perhaps we as people should be more vigilant about what truly effective measures should be taken to put an end to these threats. These threats should be pursued and allayed.

I believe in the greatness of this country. And we achieved this greatness because we as a nation embraced and protected freedoms on all levels. I think it rather ironic that the same people who tout the phrase 'freedom isn't free,' are readily willing to relinquish their own freedom because they are convinced that they themselves could never be seen as a threat. Somehow I fear that when people start resorting to such thoughts a frenzy of blame and persecution lies just beyond the horizon of the present.

“Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.”—Benjamin Franklin


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