Saturday, January 21, 2006

Saturday procrastination... Oh Yeah, I'm a Bride!

Or I will be...

It's Saturday and I have to shoot a bunch of simulation movies in Captivate and edit a few audio presentations because I have to... I know it's Saturday and I shouldn't be working. So I've been surfing the net here for about two hours.

On sort of a side note... we're getting married. I mean my Boyfriend and I. Everytime I use that word I always think of the Frau Blucher character from Young Frankenstein. "Yes, Yes... Say IT!!!... he's my......BOYFRIEND!!!"

No, I'm not pregnant.

We considered running away to Vegas. I especially considered it after looking through the Bridal Planners at Barnes and Noble... Holy FUcking SHIT! WHAT IS ALL THIS CRAP!!!!!

My mother convinced me to go with herand my friend to the Bridal Show, and I went reluctantly.

"You really need to go to eliminate the possibilities," she counseled.

Well, after seeing it all. I've eliminated about 99.6% of what I saw at the show. The best thing about these shows really are the cake samples. I went with a girlfriend of mine from work and whispered to her... "Holy Smokes... look at all the chicks that looked like they're not even 20!" I felt like such an old tart compared to them. Then I considered the tens of thousands of dollars some of them (or their parents more likely) would shell out for their weddings. I personally knew of someone whose family spent about forty-five thousand dollars, and then she got divorced two years later. "Save it for round two," I thought. "You're just going to waste it on an asshole the first time around. " Not that it always has to end up that way... Hell, I really didn't know what I wanted when I was 19.

I started keeping a blog about our ideas for the wedding. It's sort of a record for myself as well as a place to write down observations about the process.


At 10:19 PM, Blogger maikopunk said...

Congratulations! Wedding shows blow, but collect all the free samples you can. I hope you have a fabulous and fun wedding day.


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