Friday, April 28, 2006


Well, they're talking about 'laying off' people again. Is it me or am I just tired, plain tired. This time there are no shiny severance packages, or paid time off deals. Just da boot (essentially). I've been through two or three of these cuts, I've weathered having to take another person or two's workload in addition to my own. I'm leathered and worn, but that seems to be the behavioral pattern of American corporations: use you, trash you, lose you.

I kept thinking of my nest egg, yes, it's my retirement, but maybe it would be put to better use if I started something on my own. I can't really start with details when I come up with ideas, but I had an inpirational sharing with someone else who was near fed up with work. She was interested in springing out on her own as well. It was nice to see someone else who had hopes and dreams outside the grey corporate world. But what would I do? What would I build?

Something lucrative, something that would help others.

Personally, until recently I was experiencing a renaissance of attitude in my job. I felt supported by my manager and encouraged to try new and innovative things. I felt that suddenly my ability to think and plan things out was valued. Which wasn't always the case. I was always thought of in this place as the weird kid... the one who refused to keep their desk neat and trim. I felt this positive attitude and faith in me spill out into other ideas and possibilities. I'll just have to keep things going.